SPHAIR tells stories with words and melodies, with atmospheres to dive into and flowing grooves to dance. SPHAIR’s music arises from the moment. Unplugged on the street and with glowing tubes in Freiburg’s basements, elements from trip-hop, rock and gypsy jazz merge into a spherical sound. The members of the band first came together in 2015 in Freiburg. In winter time there is jamming in the rehearsal room, in summer time you can find SPHAIR playing on the streets of Freiburg, when the shadows get longer and the lights of the city get brighter.

The band found it’s first musical roots in playing gypsy jazz classics and self-written compositions on the streets and on small music-events. Experiences playing on bigger stages came soon with events like Fête de la Musique in France and the Kultur_Los! Festival in Freiburg.

Maïa Geist


Frederik Galm


Johannes Kettel


Oliver Link


Sebastian Jünger


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